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Adams C(208-495-2134)
Denardi Joe(208-896-4013)
Dougherty Harvey(208-896-5586)
Floyd Nicole(208-896-4964)
Fouts Aimee(208-896-5328)
Freeman Virginia(208-896-5551)
Gildersleeve Lester(208-896-4656)
Glaser Margaret(208-896-5449)
Idaho Division of Highways(208-896-4485)
Jensen Mark S(208-896-4334)
Jerome Tyler(208-896-4693)
Long Lester(208-896-4021)
Long Margaret(208-896-4021)
Manley Ferron(208-896-4342)
Morris Criss(208-896-4318)
Morris Marshall(208-896-4318)
Moyer Harry W(208-896-4471)
Ned McCandless Quality Gun Smithing &(208-896-4387)
Richard John W(208-896-5319)
Riggs Lorelle(208-896-4491)
Riggs Thomas(208-896-4491)
Robertson Barb(208-896-5465)
Robertson Dick(208-896-5465)
Schwisow Gary(208-896-4229)
Schwisow Teresa(208-896-4229)
Sevy Clyde(208-896-4308)
Shewey Loyd Mai Real Estate Appraise(208-896-4716)
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