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Telford Mike(208-645-2443)
Herrera Victor(208-645-3243)
Amalgamated Sugar Co(208-645-2447)
Wight Gale(208-645-2405)
Campbell H S(208-645-2407)
Raft River Jr SR High School(208-645-2220)
Cagle Rick(208-645-2335)
Thornton Jay(208-645-2282)
Neff Repair Machine(208-645-2546)
Ward Dayle(208-645-3171)
Ward Josh(208-645-3171)
Bautista Ruben(208-645-3221)
Malta High School(208-645-2468)
Raft River High School(208-645-2220)
Call Benjamin(208-645-3150)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day S(208-645-2404)
Hutchison Toyia(208-645-3266)
Taylor Boyd(208-645-2269)
Hall Marvin(208-645-2442)
Powers Ellis(208-645-2229)
Teeter Delsie(208-645-2500)
Malta 1st Ward 'bishops'(208-645-2480)
Malta 2nd Ward(208-645-2503)
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